Girls go nude and other feminist stories

Girls season 5 is in bloom and I couldn’t be more excited to have my girls (and boys) back.Lena Dunham, the gifted creator of the show and a mighty feminist told in an interview that the show allowed her to create an incredible network of women (you can watch the full interview here : How Girls helped Lena Dunham create ‘an army of women’)

It’s true that GIRLS stirred up tons of conversations regarding women and every possible subject you can imagine. Continue reading “Girls go nude and other feminist stories”


Broad City Feminist Heroes

Broad City Abbi and Ilana have become an internet-feminist sensation since the first day we watched them smoke weed on the bathroom in 2014. Now,they vape in the streets of NYC to prepare themselves for big job interviews aka swapping outfits to cover the hours in the co-op. Underachieving in New York,has become almost a girl series classic but what Ilana and Abbi bring to the table ? Continue reading “Broad City Feminist Heroes”

Feminist rants with Olivia Pope

Scandal is now official at it’s 5th season and Olivia Pope the mighty PR executive,dirty laundry “manager”,mistress to the president and the best crisis manager ever existed on the face of the earth might seem a little tired. Continue reading “Feminist rants with Olivia Pope”