Scream Queens Of Feminism

Scream Queens might be the most pink and millennial show that’s out there,depicting perfectly young girls today. In “Scream Queens” sluts won’t die just because they’re called sluts by the murderer and that’s simply wrong for the creators of the show.The Chanels, Zayday ,Grace, Dean Munch and Denise are all queens and the main characters of the show.

Scream Queens is hilarious and portrays women and men by satirizing them heavily.However  it’s female driven and female empowered story that encourages girls  to fight back when there’s a serial killer on the loose.Real girls today look a lot like the Chanels, at least the white,rich privileged ones.It’s fun to watch and if someone observes closely they will find feminist hints and ideas.



For me, this is a fun show to watch because it’s cult,it’s not challenging or harsh and makes a great commentary on the situation on sorority houses.Chanel #1 played by the it-girl of indie cinema Emma Roberts,makes a great job being a mega “bitch” . She’s the kind of girl who’s mean,dynamic,feminine,rich and extremely pretty. A real queen bee and a real bad ass since she’s willing to sacrifice her life in order to continue being president of the KKT. Taking about some real motivation,heregiphy58

The KKT sisters and especially the Channels might be “bitches” in a traditional sense but they don’t want to be called ones.They have the right to behave however they want and so does every female in this planet.giphy61


I don’t know about you but “Scream Queens” has given me some real inspiration on how to catch and fight with a psycho serial killer.Hope I’ll never have to..





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