Transparent : a feminist study

Jill Soloway has gifted as with “Transparent” the most revolutionary show in TV history.What I have learned and observed from this show are beyond words.It’s actually a learning experience for someone who is just a plain straight woman.

Through the story of Maura Pfefferman, a transgender woman who has come out at the age of sixty-eight we meet the  Pfeffermans,who make the show this unconventional family drama. They are a typical Jewish family only with one exception, most of them are gender fluid.This is California of course and when your father (Jeffrey Tambor) comes out as a transgender woman at the age of 68 then everything’s possible,right ?




For me “Trasparent” portrays a reality and makes a study on human sexuality.As the creator of the show Jill Solloway says the Pfeffermans are not only a wonderful cult ,but feminism as an expression.The show is a result of Jill’s passion to direct with all her soul and motivating other women to do the same.The show is a celebration of female gaze and at the same time very personal for Jill as it draws inspirations from her own experiences.  You can find more about Jill’s creative journey and her thoughts on “Transparent” here Dolls and Feelings Jill Soloway’s post-patriarchal television.

Maura’s or Mopa’s as her children call her, self-discovery journey is a bumpy one.It didn’t took her 50 years to literally  self-discover but to find the courage to come out in front of her family and friends.An accomplished professor,a distant husband an sometimes a distant father is what consists of Maura who takes a brave step at 68 in search of her real identity.transparent-transparent-tv-series-37702118-960-960

Along with Maura,her kids, Sara Josh and Ali embark on a journey of self-discovery and maturity that changes them dramatically.The Pfeffermans are lovable but spoiled and entitled their lack of maturity and responsibility determines their life,starting on from Maura.Jill Solloway pushes boundaries one episode at a time,from blatant sex scenes between old people (never seen one before,so realistic at least) to Nazis burning books from the Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science, in Berlin.

When I first watched Transparent season 1 I though I got an invitation to a very alternative world,since my references are significantly different from an L.A. queer saturated environment where rich,Jewish families inhabit.


However, watching Transparent season 2,I came to believe that the Pfeffermans are a lot like everyone else.Spoiled brats who are afraid and desperate for love. They are bright but selfish but caring but only about their loved ones.


There are a lot of things one can say about  Transparent:




For me,it’s a very liberating human story that could touch each and every one of use.Touch deeply our hearts because,who doesn’t want to be free after all ?



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