Feminism in How to Get Away With Murder

“How to Get Away With Murder” season 2 finale last night had us all OMGing our screens since it provided us with just another cliffhanger.But I guess that’s how the show goes,getting away with multiple murders must be pretty intense,I assume.However I’m here to discuss HTGAWM feminist grounds and trust me there are plenty.

Getting first introduced to Annalise Keating played by the legendary Viola Davis was an interesting experience for many viewers.Annalise Keating is a black,bisexual,flawless,bad ass criminal defense lawyer.And she’s running her office and her classroom  hella god.What we have here as a true role model in terms of handling things carrier wise and taking absolutely no BS for anyone.Of course,she’s troubled and a mess but that’s exactly what we need to pay attention to here.While watching I wish I could handle things as she does,I wish I could call out on everyone’s BS,especially on men’s . Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) past is particularly bleak and tragic since she was living in an extremely poor family and she was sexually molested by her uncle.The troubled childhood placed her in Sam Keating’s therapy chair and she end up marrying the guy.Sam Keating is another straight white troubled male ,we might say he’s the core douche bag of the show and that’s why he’s  killed so early on .He totally deserved it,in my opinion.



With Sam going down,the story is triggered and the characters have to get away with multiple murders.This isn’t a happy show but definitely not a hard one.The story-lines might look unreal  but that all characters are 100% true.It could be me or it could be,any of us who have dealt with difficult situations in our life.How to Get Away With Murder full cast is a celebration of “diversity” , as many critiques would point out.I call it real people from the real world getting away with murder.They are very special obviously,since I don’t know anyone who can react to situations like these guys do but at the same time very realistic.smile-or-go-to-jail

Annalise Keating and her assistant Bonnie Winterbottom are the most badass female characters in television today.They have a strong and troubled past which we get large doses of and that makes them rich,complex and feminist characters.Their background justifies their actions.Bonnie occasionally falls on the traps,sometimes it’s Sam others it’s Asher,always going for the entitled white male though ahaha.Bonnie’s character is one that you can’t see through because her past is only revealed later on the show,something which allows for the character to be build up and establish herself in front of the viewers.


In How to Get Away with Murder race is irrelevant,everyone will get what they deserve regardless race or sexual preference.In the real world,that rarely happens,so the creator of the show Shonda Rhymes tries to point that out in every chance she gets.


As a young woman,I can identify in different ways with all the female characters of the show.Every HTGAWM episode boosts feminist TV one step further.

Annalise’s fierceness and power make me admire her and have tremendous respect for her.Is there any character like Annalise out there ? So contradicting,so complex,so deep,so troubled,so mega in everything she does and stands for ?


Michaela  Pratt an ambitious,classy black woman standing up to her almost mother in law made her a feminist hero.She takes no shit from fake people and defends herself perfectly.She’s unapologetic by stating “I love me,so I’m done”

How to Get Away with Murder 1×14 Micheala & Aiden’s Mom


Laurel Castillo is a Latina woman with morals .Her standing up to her father and her whole family,who ignore her success  and don’t give a damn about her carrier is a shifting moment for her life.Laurel is a smart,fierce and sexy and is a girl who wants to get credit about her success.After the fight at the Castillo Christmas table she exits triumphantly because in her mind she realizes that she doesn’t need people who don’t care about here.

Castillo Family Dinner

Walking away like a boss

Bonnie Winterbottom and her blunt attitude.She’s literally the only one who has the guts to threaten Annalise.And when Annalise is incapable of handling the situations she steps in her shoes doing the dirty work.She’s the second boss in the Keating residency and she’s doing a terrific job.Sometimes Bonnie appears to be the weakest link in the show,but I think that’s the show-runner’s way of showing that Bonnie is used to working behind the curtains,mastering the lie and deception more quietly.More importantly,in “How to Get Away With Murder” season 2 she reveals her true feelings for Annalise,she takes Rebecca’s life into her hands and saves the day with Asher.





I truly believe that all the female characters in HTGAWM are powered by Annalise.They fight,they all have ulterior motives and everyone tries to save her own ass,especially Michaela and Laurel however their power,fierceness and ruthlessness derives from Annalise Keating and her ways.For me,this a feminist lesson so contemporary that has to be  noted here.Nowadays,women shouldn’t consider themselves to be rival for each other but warrior queens.Annalise motivates the women of the show,even her antagonists,to be powerful,to get what they want,to stay focused,to never back down.In order for them to keep up with Annalise (Viola Davis) Bonnie,Michaela and Laurel have changed dramatically and have also become badass feminist role models.They have evolved to be strong,independent,decision makers that determine which direction the show goes.





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