New Girl 100th episodes of feminism

Recently,New Girl celebrated its 1000th episode and it was marked by the return of Jess (Zooey Deschanel). The cast and creators of New Girl celebrated the series 100th episode in Fox studios and you can see photos of the event here New Girl 100th episode celebration

New Girl season 5 has been full of new things the audience needs to get used to.First there is a new girl in the loft and that’s Reagan.giphy20

Megan Fox in New Girl  was a weird casting choice for me at the beginning but as she stepped in Jess shoes she made a really good job.Another strong female character in a show like New Girl were all female characters celebrate feminist ideals.Reagan (Megan Fox) is a pharmaceutical sales rep and she’s pretty gorgeous.What makes her standing out of the crowd of the loft is of course how tough she is and the absence of emotions in her life.She’s an independent successful professional who has chosen to live like a lone wolf,she doesn’t want any friends or companions.She appears to be the exact opposite of Jess in some extent because Reagan’s main element is how emotionally unavailable she is.Jess on the other hand,might be the most emotionally available and capable female character in all sitcoms out there.If you’re more interested in Megan Fox in the New Girl you should read this Reagan the new girl.

Of course,no one can come close to Jess,the ultimate,all-time new girl in our hearts.giphy21

Jess in New Girl personally made me realize that I don’t have to be a bad bitch to be feminist.She made every gal out there  understand that being an emotional,cute,funny,loving,singing,dancing,sobbing human being can also mean being a feminist.She made me embrace my quirkiness,my weirdness and I ultimately identified with her.New Girl has been dealing with feminist issues like demanding a promotion (Jessica leans in) or the walk of shame (Walk of Shame Amber Rose-like) ,in the most subtle ways.Much like Jess’s character,the show itself presents issues all women are concerned with in a lighter mood,obviously because it’s a comedy.

The ultimate way New Girl and Jessica Day are feminist TV lies in the core of the plot,a girl with a quirky behavior moves to a loft with guys and helps them get in touch with their feminine side.As a matter of fact,Jess has been a motherly figure for the guys and also for her best friend Cece and all that without losing any of her feminist side.Every time I have a conversation about New Girl there’s always a guy or two at the table who have seen New Girl and adore the show.For me this is the absolute success of the show,shows like Girls,2 Broke Girls or Sex and the City  have only a female audience and labelled as “girly”.New Girl might be the “girliest” of them all .however the way it deals with sex,gender equality and romantic relationships make it fun and lovable for the guys to watch also! If you’re wondering why the answer is simple : it portrays a world where the right things are said about women from men and women in the most natural way ever,nothing is imposed or stretched to make a point.


Here are the most New Girl things that ever existed

1.Jess and Nick and Schmidt and  Winston and Cece and Coach play True American.True American is the best drinking game ever according to BuzzFeed and was first introduced in New Girl.You can find the rules of True American here Rules for True American.

2.New Girl glasses.You can find the glasses here geek chic glasses and channel your inner Jess.


3.New Girl douche jar.Well the douchebag jar rules have to be made into a universal set of rules for pretty obvious reasons.Here’s a sneak peek of douche jar “epicness” Douche jar Moments  and Douche bag jar origin.


4.New Girl songs.Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) knows,sings,hums, screams numerous songs in numerous occasions especially when the timing is wrong..Admit it you do to!Here’s one of my favorite scenes from New Girl and Jess’s performances Jess as Elvis.



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