Feminist eggs by Claire Underwood

They say that you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and Claire Underwood in House of Cards season 4 has a lot in her plate,eggs included.

House of Cards season 3 famous egg frying scene has given us the general idea of Claire’s aspirations,she won’t be held back and she’s willing to rock the boat if that means achieving her goals.tumblr_inline_nkjwd4mg7z1rck28tHouse of Cards season 3 ended with a cliff-hanger,is Claire really leaving Francis ? Feminists at that time were celebrating Claire’s rage and aggression towards Frank because her “wanting it all” wishes weren’t fulfilled. But for a woman like Claire,when your husband has become president of the United States,your only concern is what will you become . Claire’s career has been a very successful one and her achievements show that she’s a true feminist character.At this point I’d like to say that she’s a feminist character because she won’t give up on her goals and expectations no matter what.She sure as hell greedy,manipulative and cunning but these don’t make her a feminist,they make her a female Frank Underwood.What makes her a feminist is standing up to her husband,to power,to the status-quo,even when she’s demanding of things that don’t belong to her.Claire Underwood is a true fighter.giphy16

The politics in House of Cards have made everyone numb of feelings,emotions,justice and morality  Claire included.She might be the only First Lady that has her own agenda and promoting it aggressively.We rarely see her in events like “Easter-egg” picking,expect when it has to do with picking the eggs to make her own omelette.The Underwoods are definitely the most famous power couple ever existed and their both powerful in equal terms.What Claire brings to the table can’t be ignored by Frank.By this,we get to understand that all First Ladies are used as pawns and accessories to the Presidents.But during the Frank Underwood presidency things are different.This is a couple that has formed an equal partnership and has made  an equity investment on one another,they move together and plan together.When the equity partnership falls apart in season 3 the results are devastating for  the both of them.



Perhaps the Oval brings out the worst in them since their greed for more power is beyond words.Ultimately what makes Claire a feminist,is the fact that her cruelty is never downplayed by her husband’s,they are equal in everything.In House of Cards season 4 Claire Underwood is fearless,ruthless and her eyes are glued to her goals.What’s happen to her in the end ? Is this power game ever going to stop ? (lol of course not)

I will be reviewing House of Cards season 4 looking for traces of feminism in Claire Underwood,Jackie Sharp and Heather Dunbar .


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